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      This is a website dedicated to me, Brian De Vitis. After R2D2's relative success I decided to build a website to showcase the project. Then, after thinking about it, I decided to make the website for more than just R2D2. So here you will find many of my projects, some of my failed ideas, and some information about me.



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Video Game Art
     One day I decided to do something with all of the broken video game consoles I had from R2D2. Here are the results so far!
vide game art
Optimus' (Read: Optimus Prime) Hawkenheimer
     I finally got a page up about this project! In 2008-2009 I had the privilege of co-leading a great team of engineers. In this article, I talk about how we came up with the design, how we built it, and how it performed in the competition, ASME HPVC West.
optimus prime on a bike
R2D2 Video Game Droid
     Published in Popular Science, this droid currently has eleven video game consoles, a computer, a sound system with eight speakers, and a projector seamlessly integrated into its body. This R2D2 is designed to be an all in one entertainment system.
Robotic Arm
      During my first three years of high school I built a life size human left arm with 12 motors to give it human like animation. It can get to any position a human arm can. The arm was constructed using balsa wood, hobby motors, wood glue, and basic hand tools.
Electric Solenoid Engine
     At one of my jobs I was given the opportunity to choose a "ten percent project", something I could use ten percent of my work hours on. For my ten percent project I chose to build a solenoid engine.
Cryostein - The Drink Cooling Cup
     For one of the introductory classes in mechanical engineering at Seattle University, students get to prototype one invention. In 2006, my group chose to develop a cup that could cool your drink using computer duster cans.




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