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      No one has only good ideas, we all come up with duds. I thought it would be fun to share some of my bad ideas with the public. They may not be necessarily as bad as they are impractical or just impossible with today's technology. For each project I have explained the idea and why I think they are bad ideas.

Spherical Wheel for Automobiles    
I went through a phase where I was interested in the idea of a spherical wheel as it would be applied to cars. While I still think it is an awesome idea I don't think its very practical/possible. Just imagining the possible maneuvers a car could do with spherical wheels makes me excited.
Skateboard Glider    
Long ago I was a skateboarder, not a very goodone, but indeed a skateboarder. There was a park in my neighborhood with a huge grassy hill. Inspired by the steepness of the hill, I set out to design a glider that I could use to fly down the hill. Whee!!
Novel book Holder    
In grade school I always hated reading books for many reasons one of which was holding the book open to read (lazy?). So I came up with two concepts that had the possibility of solving this issue. Both were somewhat impractical then, but are even now more so with the advent of ebooks.
Battle Bot    
One of my favorite shows as a kid was BattleBots. I was determined to get on the show and I designed a few of my own simple robots on paper that I thought I could use to roast the competition.
Magnetic Subway    
I don't remember what inspired this idea but here it is anyway. I wanted to make a subway train that would hover in its tunnel through means of both the tunnel and train being coated in super strong magnets. This is completely impractical for a few main reasons and the maglev train is a much better idea.



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