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      When I was in grade school, I had to read books frequently. It was sometimes hard to hold the covers open for long periods of time. I also didn't like holding the book while lying in bed because that caused hand cramping. So using my ingenuity, I thought of two ways to alleviate the problem. The reason that the book holders are in the bad idea category is because, today, we have the eBook. That and my devices are bulky and somewhat overly complex. With the recent advent of the Kindle and Nook, devices like the ones seen here are becoming less and less relevant.

      This first device holds the book and even flips pages. None of the mechanisms for these functions were thought out beyond the sketches shown here. The whole device would mount to the bed frame so that reading in bed would be easier. There are two clamps in the upper corners to hold the book in place and two clamps in the lower corners to hold the pages. In the center there is a motorized mechanism that flips one page at the time.


      This is a second less practical idea. In order for this idea to work, the books would need to be printed on scrolls. That alone is enough to deem this a bad idea. Basically, the print industry would have to revive an outdated style of printing for a single purpose. This would never be a viable business model.

     As the sketch depicts, the pages would be printed on the scroll and as pages are read the switches are pressed to either advance to reverse the pages.



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