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      When I was younger I was a skateboard enthusiast. I was never very good due to the fear of falling (concrete is very very hard).  So I would always look for ways I could sit while skateboarding. Street luge was a favorite. I would construct cardboard shells to put on the skateboard and then I would ride down the hill in front of my house as fast as I could. After a while I started to think, what could I do that would be more extreme and not require me to stand up on the skateboard? That's where the skateboard glider comes in.

       My neighbor hood has a lot of hills. A soft grassy hill near my house was where I intended to use this contraption. Above is the original sketch of my idea. At the time I had limited knowledge of aerodynamics and building planes. I gave the skateboard big wheels so that it could roll down the grassy hill. I even incorporated a rear wing for stability. I never got past this sketch and I am glad I didn't. It would have been an expensive venture (for a kids allowance) and probably would have ended with a broken bone or two.



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