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     Here is a list of my favorite links separated into three categories and in no particular order. I tried to place the websites in the best category for their content. These are websites that I frequently visit and that inspire me.


- benheck.com - A website started by Benjamin J Heckendorn, it hosts a forum where people can discuss hacking that typically revolves around video games. Benjamin J Heckendorn also writes a blog about his many projects.

- instructables.com - A very helpful website when looking for instructions on how to do something. I typically go to this website for ideas on how to build things, but they also have food, health, living, and many more sections for different interests.

- hackaday.com - A well-developed blog about projects that can be found on the internet. The projects posted on this website are neatly summarized and links to secondary websites are posted for reader convenience, plus the database of posts is easy to search.

- hacknmod.com - This is a website dedicated to "amazingly cool hacks, mods, and projects" and I agree. They also have a store where you can buy miscellaneous parts for your own projects.

- longhornengineer.com - This website, created by Parker Dillman, is a collection of his own projects You can find Atari 2600 and 7800 video mod kits here among other interesting stuff.

- saundby.com - Quoted from the site, "saundby.com is a collection of the thoughts, projects, knowledge, and bald ignorance of Mark Graybill". This is where I got the schematic to build the video mod for my Atari 7800.


- blinkdagger.com - This website has a lot of good tutorials for anyone interested in programming  in MatLab. I learned a lot of cool tricks from this website. Unfortunately it is no longer being updated.

- wired.com - A collection of blogs with themes that range from health to politics to gadgets.

- technologyreview.com - A technology website published by MIT. The articles are often about leading edge research (among other things) and what it could mean for the future.

- spectrum.ieee.org - This website is the online version of IEEE Spectrum Magazine. IEEE Spectrum focuses on technology and research in fields such as aerospace, energy, and robotics.

- gizmag.com - A website about technology in all fields with articles posted daily.

- gizmodo.com - One of Gawker Media's websites, this website is focused around technology. Readers discuss the articles in threads below each article.

- lifehacker.com - Another website owned by Gawker Media, this website is focused on how to make your life easier. Articles range from topics such as polyphasic sleep to security programs for your computer.

- fastcompany.com - This website is the online version of Fast Company Magazine, it focuses on "innovation in technology, ethical economics, leadership, and design".

- popsci.com - The online version of Popular Science Magazine. Their slogan is "New Technology, Science News, The Future Now".

- popularmechanics.com - A similar website (and magazine) to popsci.com, it too focuses on technology but leans towards DIY, tools, home improvement, outdoors, and cars.

- wikipedia.org - An excellent source for basic information on just about anything you could possibly be curious about.


- hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com - A blog with humorous stories and articles. The stories are well written and the animations are funny.

- penny-arcade.com - A funny web comic about video games starring Gabe and Tyco. This is where the Penny Arcade Expo started and Childs Play charity.

- kotaku.com - A blog website, from Gawker Media, about video games.

- xkcd.com - As the author states xkcd.com is, "A web comic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language".

- cad-comic.com - I go here for the ctrl-alt-delete comic which is about video games. There is also a store, forums page, and a second comic called the sillies.

- vgcats.com - A web comic about video games where the main characters in most of the comics are cats.

- myextralife.com - Another awesome video game comic strip.

- jalopnik.com - A website dedicated to automobiles for automobile enthusiasts. This website is also owned by Gawker Media.

- teamcoco.com - The website for Conan O'Brien's TV talk show.



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