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   This is my project portfolio. Each of the items below links to a separate page that describes the project in further detail. I'm trying to provide as much detail as possible, should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at bdevitis@live.com. As I get questions for each project I will create question and answer pages so that everyone can see what has been asked and what the corresponding answers are.

video game art
Video Game Art
    I enjoy doing artistic things. And I enjoy video games. One day I decided I had to do something with the broken video game consoles I had left over from R2D2. So I decided to make video game art of course! Go to the article to read more about the art I made!

Optimus' Hawkenheimer
    Optimus' Hawkenheimer is the name of the bicycle that the Seattle University team built in 2008-2009 for the 2009 West Coast Human Powered Vehicle Competition. We named it Optimus' because like the famous cartoon, our bike transforms. Click on the picture to red more!

    R2-D2 Gaming Droid
    R2D2 started as a project to minimize game console clutter for a limited number of systems. After much thought on the design it turned into a pursuit to put as many systems and features into the body of R2D2 as possible. The project is well documented from start to finish should anyone be interested in trying this for themselves.

    The idea behind this invention is to cool a drink from 70 degrees to 40 degrees (Farenheit) in 5 minutes or less. The prototype does work but it costs about 1 dollar for every use so it is not very practical. It's also not environmentally friendly because it uses computer air duster cans for the refrigerant.

    4-Solenoid Engine
    I went through a phase where I was interested in solenoid engines based on videos I saw on the internet. Most of the models I saw were of engines with one or two solenoids. I decided to one up what I saw by building a four solenoid engine. It runs off 12 volts and uses wire brushes for timing.

    Life Size Robotic Human Arm
    This is a twelve-motor fully functional human left arm that I built in high school. I designed this arm to operate in as life like of a fashion as I could. It can move to any position a human arm can although it may take a while. The motors are all small hobby motors so they have huge gear reductions in order to get enough torque.

    Laser Pointer in a Film Shell
    One day I thought it would be cool to disguise a laser pointer in an ordinary object. I had an expired roll of film lying around and this is what resulted. It is a fun one day project that anyone can do.

   Aluminum Clipboard with iPod Dock and Speakers
    In machine shop class at Seattle University every student gets to build an aluminum clipboard with a special feature of their choice. My special feature is an iPod dock with an amplifier and four speakers.

   Foldable Oval Poker Table
    In high school the favorite pastime for my group of friends was the card game, Texas Hold'em. After seeing professional poker tables in the World Poker Tour I wanted to replicate the general design for our own use. This led to the creation seen here.



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