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Progress as of January 12th 2008

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     This picture shows the rough in for the plastic on the bottom of the three legs for R2D2. I used 1/8" ABS plastic sheets to create all of the panels. To join the panels I used plastic rectangular rods at each corner with screws. Looking back it would have been much better to have used ABS plastic rods with glue. this would have created a more sturdy and aesthetically pleasing cover.


     This is a picture from behind that shows where the maintenance door is to be and it shows where the struts for the back to legs used to be. To get rid of the struts in the later revisions, I created a strut out of 5/8" hardened steel rod. The strut runs across between the two back legs and is drilled and tapped so that it bolts to the legs for a solid connection. 



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