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Progress as of February 9th 2009

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     In this picture you can see R2D2 used to be a mash up of his original paint job and my paint job. Many changes have been made since this picture.


     On the left and right side of the body of R2D2 there are two columns of labels. The original idea behind these columns was to include all of the original labels from the bottom of every console in R2D2. I had used GIMP to refurbish the labels and print them on good paper. Ultimately I decided against them because there were too many and it didn't really add anything to the design.

     The aluminum ribbon on the bottom of the cylinder was my attempt at adding trim to R2, I also decided against this because it just looked wrong.


     This photo just shows that there are two available power strips on R2D2's legs so that any external system can be plugged in and used easily. 



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