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Progress as of June 10th 2009

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     This is one of the two pictures originally published in Popular Science magazine. I have been a fan of PAX since 2007 when I first learned about the convention, hence the poster in the background. R2D2's first public debut was at PAX 2010.

     If you look closely at this picture and pictures from the next R2D2 entry (click "next" above) you will notice a huge difference in the pain job and that the large beige rectangle in this picture is now a fully functional computer for running emulators. The black square in the center just below the dome is also the new home to the NES system which was moved up from the very bottom.

     I also redid a lot of the "features" on R2D2's body to make them look more pleasing and true to the original droid.



     This is the second photo that was published in Popular Science. This too has had major changes since this photo. The new systems that you would be able to see in this view are the Atari 5200 and the Windows XP computer. 



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