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Progress as of July 13th 2007

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R2D2 Pepsi Cooler

     This is what the cooler looked like before I decided to mod it. It was originally designed by Benham Sadr for Pepsi Co.


     This is the initial wood structure of the third foot. I used particle board to create the main structure. Using three sets of skateboard trucks is not a good idea because it is hard to turn R2D2 in this configuration. I replaced the skate truck on the center leg with a metal caster wheel for better maneuverability. To ensure that nothing would break I used a lot of gorilla glue and metal brackets with screws to hold everything together.

     Also visible in this picture is a new plastic bottom for the cooler. The original bottom was very uneven and would not have been structurally sound. I replaced it with a shelf from an A&W display that I had in storage. It worked out that the A&W shelf and R2 were very similar diameters. 


     The original back two legs needed braces to extend from the bottom of R2's base to stay rigid and not twist around. I decided the braces were ugly and obtrusive to R2D2s design so I got rid of them in favor of a better bolt pattern where the legs attach to the main body.


     This is the cooler with the inner bucket removed. I placed six ribs vertically in R2 to provide some support for the structure that would later go in. I had to sand the inside of the cooler to remove insulation residue from the ice bucket.



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