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Progress as of July 20th 2007

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     This picture highlights that the maintenance door has been cut out, the inner shelves have been installed, and the stereo has been installed. The stereo was bought at a thrift store and it is a Sony model. No Dolby digital surround sound but it is more than enough to fill a room with good sound
     On the ground is a cheap green box knife I got from work. If anyone every works with plastic like this I recommend buying a nice box knife with a box of good blades. Good tools can make a huge difference.

     The original maintenance door had four bolts, one in each corner, that kept it in place. It ended up being difficult to attach the door using this method so I switched to using big acrylic hinges with a magnetic latch to keep it shut.


     Here is a top down look into R2D2 before any consoles were installed.



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