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Progress as of July 29th 2007

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     Here is a top down view after the installation of the four speakers built into R2's body.  The speakers are Magnavox brand and were also bought from a thrift store.


     The initial mounting of two of four power strips on the bottom of the back to legs. Initially when adding trim to the back to legs I tried to use a semi-transparent material. Glue does not stick so I had to use tack nails to hold it in place.  Paint does not adhere to this material either so I later switched to the white version of this plastic which was the color I wanted. Unsatisfied with the results I decided to redo the trim again. The third time I used a cheap sheet plastic with filler epoxy Super Weld to create a clean seamless looking leg that I could paint.


     This is the video and sound switch box before any wires were added. The extra box above all of the bare components is a consumer TV switch box with RF modulator.  After realizing the consumer box was unnecessary I removed it.


     Here is the switch box closed with a better view of the consumer switch box I later removed. 


     The speakers as seen on the outside of R2D2 on his back side. I decided that I did not want the fabric covers so I later removed them. The bare speakers look better.



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