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Progress as of August 25th 2007

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     Here is a view of the access to the stereo receiver located at the bottom center of R2D2's back. I located the access here because the receiver required a large area and I figured in the back bottom of R2 would be the most concealed spot. The receiver is also more along the lines of a control panel rather than a video game interface. I originally wanted all controls on the back and all system interfaces on the front of R2D2.


     The initial installation of the video and sound switch box in R2D2. The switch box is held onto R2D2 by four screws two on each side.


     This was an attempt at making a grill for a fan. I used a router bit for a Dremel tool and it the plastic was chewed up by the tool.  It was later decided I did not need fans so I cut out this section in favor of building a 3D plastic part to replicate R2D2's physical appearance.



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