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Progress as of August 26th 2011

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     PAX Prime was an absolute blast this year. I got to bring R2D2 again, unfortunately we were not able to use him as much this year due to poor lighting conditions. Classic Console Free Play was located in a room where one wall was all windows and the sun shown on these windows for most of the day. The projector in R2D2 is not bright enough for these conditions thus R2D2 was not very useful, although he still worked great as a stereo.

    Everything worked out well though, the wall with the windows was connected to our own private patio. We decided to take this to our advantage and we setup R2D2 on the patio after the sun went down. Most of the pictures below are from Friday and Saturday nights.

    Oh and I got another interview from KISW. This time I got to be the geek of the week on BJ Shea's geek nation. The video of which can be found here:


Enjoy the pictures!

R2D2 Resting at PAX 2011      This is the room in which R2D2 was kept during most of the Penny Arcade Expo. As you can see he is right next to some very big windows. Those are the windows that caused problems with the projector.

     In fact it was so bright in this room that I though my projectors bulb was going out. Even at about a foot away from the wall, the projector was extremely dim. For all of you looking into projectors, this one is  2000 Lumen projector. I recommend buying a projector with at least 4000 Lumens for better versatility. 4000 Lumen projectors may be expensive at about 1000 dollars, but it is so worth it. I will probably buy a new projector for next years PAX just so I can guarantee I don't have this problem again. 

Goldeneye tournament at Pax 2011 2

     On Friday night, the 26th, R2D2 was used to play the final rounds of the Goldeneye 007 tournament in Classic Console Freeplay. This picture also shows how big the windows were in the room where R2D2 was stored.


Goldeneye tournament on R2D2 Pax 2011

     Here is a second view of the Goldeneye 007 tournament in progress.


Tetris Attack tournament PAX 2011      On Saturday night, the 27th, R2D2 hosted the final rounds of the Tetris Attack tournament. This tournament was extremely intense and competitive. I have honestly never seen Tetris Attack matches last so long and be so suspensful.


Tetris Attach tournament PAX 2011

     This is another view during the one of the very final rounds of the Tetris Attack tournament. Things were getting so insane that everyone drew closer around R2D2 to watch the match. 


     While I was preparing R2D2 for PAX Prime 2011, I managed to injure myself. I do this on occasion, but this is the worst it has ever been. I want the following picture to serve as a friendly warning to not be overly zealous when using sharp knives. Bad things can happen. 




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