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Progress as of September 1st 2008

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     This photo shows what the dome looks like without any decals and it also shows the original plastic trim that was on R2D2.

     To form the original trim that is laid out on the cylinder I used acrylic square rod. This was a poor idea considering it is hard to work with without a heat gun, which I did not have at the time. It was prone to easily popping off and it just did not look very good.

     In the later revision of this trim I used a 1/32" sheet of ABS plastic and cut strips using a large metal square and box knife with replaceable blades. I used an epoxy called Super Weld to hold the trim to the body of R2. This made things easy to sand and later easy to paint.


     This is a view through the back door of R2D2. The trim piece above the AV outs is no longer there. It did not serve any purpose and up close it did not look good.


     This is a picture of the back of R2D2. The original PEPSI logo is still present in this picture, this logo was the last one to be painted over.


     This is a shot through the top of R2D2 without his dome on that shows how the systems are stacked in the cylinder. 


     This picture shows how the projector sits on the top of the cylinder. The large white circle next to the projector is the fan cover I built so that no one would hurt a finger. The fan beneath it runs at 120VAC and 1480RPM and is very quiet.



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