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Progress as of September 3rd 2010

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     This set of pictures come from the 2010 Penny Arcade Expo, the coolest gaming convention ever. I had the luck to bring R2D2 to PAX and these pictures show what it looked like. Before you dig into the pictures and videos, I want to thank Shervyn and everyone else at PAX for giving me the chance to bring R2D2 to the event. Thank you.

    The pictures that are up now lack detail, for some reason I didn't take that many photos. If you are interested in seeing more detailed views, here are two links to videos about R2D2:


For this second video, coverage on R2D2 starts around 2:41


Now here are some pictures I took:

R2D2 with LED lights pre-paint job      This picture was taken before PAX while I was prepping him for the show. The highlight of this picture are the LED lights underneath R2's legs. There are 100 LED lights there powered by a 3 volt battery pack.

     This shot is also before R2D2's new paint job for PAX. It took a lot of sanding to get the surface ready for painting.


     This is a shot from when I was painting R2D2. I spray painted every detail on the body. After I started many people suggested to me that I try using automotive pin-stripping tape for all of the thin lines. If I were to do this again I would definitely consider using pin-stripping tape. Getting clean lines using spray paint and painters tape was time consuming. Some of the lines came out very well, but others not so much. Many of the lines needed to be cleaned up with a brush.

     As a side note, I found that Krylon Fusions spray paints for plastic worked the best. They dry fast and create a good durable coat of paint. When I touched up the paint with a brush, I sprayed paint from the cans into a cup so I had no problems matching paint.

    You may also notice that R2D2 is on car jack stands. This made working on him much easier. Especially since I had a lot important things to work on on the bottom that were easier to access with the jack stands present.
R2D2 during paint job


R2D2 during paint job       Here is another picture of the painting process. This shows one blue square by his back leg and a big blank white area next to it. Before putting down any color on the body, I spray painted the whole cylinder with a white base coat. 


     Here is a picture of me setting up R2D2 at PAX.   Brian setting up R2D2 at PAX 

Brian setting up R2D2 at PAX pic 2

     Above is another picture of me setting up R2D2 at PAX. During the transportation a couple of wires on the consoles got knocked loose so I had to go in and fix them.

R2D2 playing games at PAX       During the first day, we used a table cloth as a projector screen. It ended up that turning out the lights and projecting onto the green wall worked much better. In this picture you can see people playing either Perfect Dark or GoldenEye for the N64. Both were played over the weekend on R2 and they look so similar so I am not sure which this is.

R2D2 playing games at PAX pic 2

     Before we all realized that the table cloth wasn't necessary, we tried turning it horizontal to get a bigger screen.

     Over the coarse of the show we ran a few challenges on R2. One of which was a Perfect Dark challenge on the N64. The challenge was to get five kills on the map of our choice with five dark sims running around. Everyone was on free for all and everyone respawned with slappers only.

R2D2 with 10 Player Bomberman on an external Sega Saturn System

     This years Bomberman tournament was hosted on R2D2 via an external Sega Saturn plugged into R2D2. There are ten people playing together in this picture.



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