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Progress as of September 19th 2007

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     In this picture the Atari 7800, SNES, N64, and NES are visible in order from top to bottom. This is the first picture of these four consoles installed in the body of R2.

     The N64, SNES, and Atari 7800 all installed with only minor hitches such as where to place a screw. The NES on the other hand presented me with extra trouble.

     Instead of using a top loading aftermarket NES like I should have, I used an original side loading model. The trouble was getting the pins to work with out having to click the game down. I soldered the extension cable to the game cart side of the pins and plugged the game cart into the motherboard side of the pins. This worked okay except the game cart pins didn't always make full contact with slot pins. Later I bought a cheap top loader console and I replaced the pin set. My recommendation is use a top loading system if you can get one, it's much easier.

     I later moved the NES to the top where the Star Wars Episode III logo is located. This was to give me easier access to the back of the stereo sound system and to give the NES more space. It was far too cramped located in the bottom.


     Here is a shot of the inside with five consoles installed, the four from the shot above and the original Xbox on the bottom right. Notice that the shelves that run through the center of R2D2 are bowed. The plastic I bought was cheap and flimsy, better plastic will replace this plastic in the near future. I placed a paper bag over the stereo receiver to prevent dirt and metal objects from getting into the electronics.


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