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Progress as of September 23rd 2007

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     Here is the first plastic I put on the third foot of R2D2. There are two big mistakes I made here. First I put the plastic inside out. That is the textured side is out, the smooth side should be out. Second, I used screws which are hard to cover up. I did fix this for later revisions, but I decided I wanted to put speakers in the third foot so I completely rebuilt the third foot. This update can be seen in the pictures from PAX Prime 2010.

     The bottom of R2D2's cylindrical body is a conical section of sorts. Here is my first attempt at modeling that. Two mistakes are made here as well. First I used plastic that does not glue or paint and is semi transparent. The second mistake is that the straight black edge pieces are perpendicular to the ground. They should be slightly angled towards the center to make a proper conical section. 

     All of the plastic in this picture has since been redone to look proper. 


     The main point of this picture is to show the first ribs I added to the inside of R2D2 to stiffen the skin of R2 to handle people pushing controllers and game carts into slots. This is not all of the rib work but only a minor part. In later updates of R2D2 there are many more ribs running in all directions.



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