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Progress as of October 27th 2007

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     This picture highlights the first attempt at integrating a Dreamcast into the dome of R2. This  did not go well and unfortunately I ended up ruining the Dreamcast in this picture.

     I wanted to take every console out of its case so all electronics were visible. What I did is I basically took off the sides and bottom of the Dreamcast case and I placed a number of support beams and feet under the electronics (the white plastic under the console).

     With the top of the Dreamcast rigidly attached to the dome the electronics had to be pushed up against the top. It was virtually impossible to make it work. All of the plastic was flimsy and not easily adjusted.

     I was never even able to get the disc to spin freely because the disc would always catch on the plastic from the top of the Dreamcast. See the next picture for another shot.

     Also visible are the installations of the PS2 and the Xbox seen in the bottom center of the photo.


     The black section in the disk tray is the disc spindle and reading laser.  With this install method the black part would sit to low relative to the gray part of the console. Due of the lack of rigidity in the support structure CD's would scrape against the gray part of the console and thus the console would not work. That was not how the console broke. Somehow I managed to get the console to blow its power fuse. I fixed the fuse but the new fuse would just blow after some use.


     Here is a close up of the PS2 and Xbox installs. The Xbox did not present many problems. Most of the components are standard computer components and so they were very easy to mount properly.

     The PS2 presented more problems. All of the components inside a PS2 are connected via thin flat wire ribbon cables. Soldering new longer ribbon cables was not an option, the contacts were to small for me to solder with confidence. So I pushed the PS2 up against the skin without really disassembling anything (see picture below). For the controller ports I used a multi-tab 4 controller unit. The power and reset buttons were also hard to mount because their circuit has very few places to attach to.

     As a side note, the multi-tab is not compatible with all PS2 games so games with a second player would not work. I later resolved this by adding a second multi-tab which is installed above the xbox.


     The PS2 is seen in this picture pushed up against the skin of R2D2. The Xbox is also mounted to the right of the PS2 



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