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Progress as of November 17th 2007

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      I would like to point out that in this picture the projector lens now opens, the plastic leg covers are attached, and the cooling duct holes are cut out in the center of R2's body.

      The original idea with the projectors lens cap was to have it on hinges as shown here. This ended up looking flimsy and poorly built so I decided to eventually ditch it for a removable lens cap.

      The covers on the legs are held in place by four wing nuts each for easier removal.

      Originally I wanted to have fans at all duct openings in R2. I bought four or five used computer fans at the CompUSA going out of business sale. Three did not work, but this ended up being okay because I got a ten inch dairy cooler fan from my employer for free (see last picture).


      The projector mount has a small amount of angle adjustment. A pin holds locks in the projector angle at any of five angle choices. In this picture it looks like the projector is aimed at the wrong angle. Unbelievably, at this angle the projected image does make it out of the dome completely unobstructed.


      Next to the projector is the ten inch fan I got for free. It runs on 120V AC at 1480rpm which packs a punch and is surprisingly quite. The dairy aisles in grocery stores use two of these fans to move air for a four to five foot section. To control the fan I have a three speed fan controller installed from the hardware store. The fan pushes air down into R2 and out of all of the openings in R2's body. An unexpected bonus is that the fan is right next to the projector which heats up fast, especially in the dome. The fan does a good job of cooling down the projector so it doesn't over heat.



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