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Original Concept Art

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      This is my drawing of the original concept. I wanted to combine nine consoles into a computer tower arrangement. I thought that this idea was boring so I spent a couple of months looking for inspiration. I found it in the R2D2 Pepsi cooler that was being stored in my closet.


      Here are some initial drawings of the R2D2 gaming rig concept. The shelves are overly complicated and the layout of the game console motherboards is completely unrealistic due to size constraints. I also did not place any cooling fans where I specified I would according to this drawing.
      Originally I wanted the front of R2 to open as opposed to the back. That would have been a mistake, especially with the plastic working knowledge I had at the time. It would not have turned out well.


      Before building the legs, I planned out all of the wood cutouts. I did not follow this exactly. I also decided to use skateboard trucks with one caster wheel as opposed to all caster wheels. Skateboard trucks offer better stability than all caster wheels, plus I had some old trucks lying around that were ready to be put to good use.


     This is a schematic for how I would create the switch box that controls the video and sound from all of the consoles.  I followed this down to the smallest detail and it works great.

      The consoles are all plugged into an array of component inputs. Every two sets of component inputs have a set of three three-position switches (on-off-on). These switches are used to route the sound and video to the stereo and projector.  The back of the switch box folds open so that should something need to be serviced there is easy access.

     Sound can be mixed and video can be overlapped for interesting effects. This was an unintended but fun feature.


     The original idea was to create labels for every console and overlay them on the finished R2D2. This proved harder than I though it would be. To the left are my decals for the Atari 7800 and the Sega Genesis. I tried printing the decals on overhead sheets. this looked good but they were see through.

     I tried spray painting the back of the over head sheets white but the paint only flaked off. So I ditched this effort in favor of painting on decals.


     Here is my decal for the Nintendo Entertainment System.



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