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   When I was in high school I was bored one day and I wanted to do something involving lasers, pew pew pew. The goal of the day was to transplant a laser into something such that it would be inconspicuous. As I was searching through my room I came across an expired Kodak film canister and the rest is history.

laser pointer in Kodak film shell

      This picture shows how the laser pointer works to be inconspicuous. The power button is located on one end and the laser in the other end.

     In order for everything to fit I had to completely remove the film from the canister. To maintain the look of a real film canister I kept the film tongue on the outside. This involved just cutting the tongue off, inserting it into the case, and taping it in.


laser pointer diode and battery pack

      The end caps of the film canister ended up being very easy to remove without aesthetically damaging anything. The laser diode was too small to simply rest in the hole in the center of the canister end so I used a red rubber pen grip to increase the diameter. No glue was used to put things together, just some electrical tape to keep things from shorting on the metal case. The big black chunk is the battery pack.


laser pointer button

      The power button was simply set into place, no glue required. I got lucky and it turns out the laser pointers stock button was a perfect fit into the inside diameter of the end cap of the film canister.



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